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Poem: the Busker
hey all ... i was walking into central station today and this busker was sitting there playing some funky awesome music, it was a weird spot coz they dont usually sit there so it grabbed my attention heaps ... i know its not the greatest piece of work but i like it so i threw it up onto LJ regardless... enjoy :P


Central Station 8am
The busker sits and plays his tune

I close my eyes...
i carries me, beyond the stars
beyond the moon

hes a modern bard
guitar case open
waiting for the people to discard
what little change their willing to pay,
to listen to him play today

sitting under the maple tree,
through the wind and through the rain,
he just sits there and keeps on playin.

His music carries underground,
and because of this, suddenly,
a new joy is found.

The buskers music helps me see,
that even through my lifes abyss ,
theres light out there...
I take solace in this

But i am sure hes unaware
of the hope in me,
that he's inciting...

as my change jingles in his case,
he keeps on playing,
with naught but a wink and a smile.

So now i must depart,
to my own dismay.
But he wont leave,
the busker will just sit,
smile, and continue to play.

comment 6/5/09
Posted to Joanna Kasz



this is an awesome poem, short and sweet :D...

i especially like the last verse. i love the sound of waves man, especially sitting on the beach at night during summer listening to waves crashing man, its so relaxing...

those last three lines really invoked that memory... good work :D

comment 6/5/09 number 2
posted to Andrew O'Sullivan



hahahahaha i hear yah man,

this week i had to play striker... for me thats really cruel, whilst im a decent winger and score a few from the midfield, i just am not clinical enough to plays striker especially being as short as i am and being played as the target man :P... super frustrating. i pretty much ran my ass off and got into like 5 or 6 good opportunities and couldnt finish any of them, so basically i elt the team down we ended up losing 3-1 :( ... hopefully u egt better soon haha

picture and poem
ok guys i know ive been poeming it up recently but this is the last one i promise, and its not the same as the tohers its about soccer :D

i made a picture a few weeks ago and i want to share it with u it sort of inspired this poem, wellt his picture and the crazy goal i scored the toher week to open my account for the season ( no better way to start your season than a first time volley outside the box into the top corner)


your 1-0 down time is ticking
off the break the chance has started
you see the moment in the distance
before you realise, youve run the field.

suddenly !!! the ball is there,
sitting waiting, The moments here
time stops.........
everything is slow, u feel your heart beat,
just you and the ball, a perfect moment.

you take the chance, and the ball's in flight
that breathless moment, willing,
wanting, waiting. 

It hits the net, emotions surge,
Lets go F***ing mental
your on level terms.


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