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Existence....Literature....SO WHAT!?!?!?
I heard someone the other day say:

"Comparing oneself to others is how people measure their own existence"

This really struck me. How many times i say to myself i'm not good enough because this person can do this better than me and so forth. But upon reflecting on this statement and talking to a few people about it i find that everyone, has this mentality so is it a comparison to oneself or always a scrutiny of oneself?  Every time you "compare" yourself to someone u say oh look they are so much better than me or so much worse there is never the question of how can this persons strengths opr weaknesses help me to become a better person?

it got me thinking that in todays society everyone is so results driven that today we dont care how we get there or whats in our path but so long as we get to our destination we dont give a damn. This is the cause of our work-a-day world where no one stops to take in whats around them, where people cant enjoy the simple things and this is where i started thinking about this question: Literature, so what ?

Literature is like that word that you cant find, but is always at the tip of your tongue. waiting on the edges of darkness to be pulled out into the light for everyone to see in my time in this course i have found that inspiration can be found in the most mundane places and situations, but can bring about something spectacular, if only i took but three minutes to stop, look and listen.

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The notion that literature can infact be the corner stone of any society or any growing populous not simply in regards to the documentation of events however it can venture into something far less critical and immensely expressive and creative.


You raise an interesting point in that
"Comparing oneself to others is how people measure their own existence."

I believe it has much truth behind it as well. In today’s society it seems everybody is consumed by what others think, and expectations placed on us by others. Your entry reminded me of a play I studied for year twelve, by Tom Stoppard. His play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead as two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern inhabit a world completely beyond their grasp. Unsure of where they are going (and even of who they are and where they come from), they depend upon others to give their lives meaning. So your concept is strengthened by the way Stoppard deals with the players. As actors the players are shown to only have an existence, or an identity through others, 'We pledged our identity, secure in the conventions of our trade; that someone would be watching'. With the players Stoppard is showing how we are dependant on recognition and perception by others.

A fascinating discussion topic you’ve created here.

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