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LittleNedved's Spot

come on in and speak ure mind :D

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POEM: Catalyst of a day

sorry guys more poetry i was caught on the bus the other day adn on one side of me was the setting sun on the other side was pretty much dark sky littered with stars was awesome to look at, so one more poem haha

Catalyst of a day

Sitting on a bus,
Two worlds collide.
to one side of me a roaring sunset
to my other serenity in darkness
i sit in a catalyst,
caught between night and day.

to one side the joys and sorrows,
of the day prepare to depart,
the other way a new day is awaiting my heart.

The beauty of the setting sun,
by the elegance of the stars in the night sky.

Whatever i have felt this day,
i can take stock, unwind, relax,
and to myself say,
dont worry man...
tomorrows a new day