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good news :D

I like the idea of more than one society for the individual because it would be a sad life indeed if there were only one... imagine how few people you would meet and how boring life would be.

but i never thought of societies as an organisation before it really does make me think, in this aspect im part of society as in i go to church i play for a soccer club, etc it makes life seem so much more full

good stuff :P ;)

POEM: Heaven with you
 hey guys, 

this is sort of soppy but i worte a poem, from the aspect of someone who has just lost someone they loved i kow its not great but i thought since poetry is a particular weakness of mine id give it a go... pleas be easy.. im not sure if this is classified as poetry it has not structure or anything lol...

To little to late, 
I had so much to tell you
and so much, i was to afraid to say
I thought i felt love before
But prior feelings are a raindrop,
in the ocean of my love for you...

You were a sea of light 
in the ocean of darkness in my life
to swim in the waters of your smile
or the clam ofthose eyes, for me
pure ecstasy...

Time with you, so much more valuable
than allt he riches of the world
ve heard it said,
Heaven is aplace on earth
For me though,
Heavin is with you...

Short story Continued... 30 years later...

In the 30 years preceeding the death of the emperor of the red sun, the people of phillisis (formerly the empire of the red sun) enjoyed a time of growth and prosperity. The Day Dawn Slayer, Slayer of the Dawn dragon had stormed fortress Iris and ended the life of every official inside including the emperor himself, and than dissapeared off the face of the earth, had proven to be a day of great celebration for the people.  In the last 4 years though whispers on the wind had begun to be heard on the outskirts of towns. Strange whispers, bad whispers. no one knew what they were and no one heard them per say, but felt them, walking home from the field after a hard days work one would feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand up and their skin would become covered in goosebumps. Our story takes us to Brigandia a village on the southern coast of Phillisis.

Jeromi stood in front of the polished metal slab that his family used as a mirror, and inspected his clothes, today was his acceptance day, having turned sixteen three months earlier he was ready to be accepted into a profession which he chose. Jeromi made a silent prayer to Revia goddess of luck that he would be accepted by Fransuar the regional captain of the guard, and that he could start his training for the regional militia, and from there Jeromi had grand aspirations. "JER!! Get down here, you'll be late for your acceptance" A voice from downstairs called. " Coming ma!" he responded and he left his room and headed downstairs, as he descended down the stairs his mother beamed at him, he was a tall youth standing at 4 inches above 6 feet, with sandy brown hair and dark green eyes, he had a muscular physique earned from years of hard work with his father in the fields on the plough. Today dressed in his best tunic and trousers and his fathers formal boots, he looked almost like a noble from the courts of Phillisis City or Rivalon thought Grenia his mother.


The young boys stood in a line, twenty of them dressed in all the finery their families could afford. Each boy with the same ambition of being accepted into the Regional militia. Although the militia only ever took four or five from any village in any given year, all had a back up profession in mind. Jeromi however was sure he would be first picked by Fransuar. Living in a village on the outskirts of the Phillisian Republic, the youngsters would go out with their fathers on hunting expeditions, during the spring summer and early autumn months, and all were adept with a bow and could at least handle a short sword or dagger.


The trademasters from all around southern Phillisis sat in stands around a small arena that had been erected for the annual event. Trademasters only came whenever they had a need for a new apprentice, this year there were a few more than usual. Jeromi exchanged glances with his best friend Met. Meterin Carliss, considerably shorter than Jer was slimly built but equally as muscular as his friend. They had grown up together, being born 4 days apart and spending every day from the time they could walk together. As the boys stood lined up in front of the Trademasters surrounded by the rest of the village, the Master of ceremonies Emerged from his Dark blue tent. And the ceremony of acceptance began….

Writer's Block: Out of Uniform
First thing i do when i get home, drop my bag than run up t my room get out fo my clothes and put on soccer shorts and a singlet.. most comfortable stuff u can wear :D

Comment for week 6

nice poem.. although i like maccas hahaha is till like the way it is written... Flows really well, yeah my commonplace book is starting to fill up aswell, im trying to formulate some kind of semblance from it and maybe write a story or poem, but i got no poetry skillz :(

comment on 29th march 09
comment on Natasha's

Soo many Questions… Yet no answers….
wow that is freaky.. especially the how to save a life stuff... My lunch is in my top 3 scrubs episodes (insane an here :P), i love how they use a handheld camera when the song is playing and its in the room with Dr. Cox and Carla it really makes everything a lot more real, sad episode too. No idea what it can mean to u??? It's a chilling song. Yeah jury duty isnt that great imo i got called up 3 times last yr got off all three times tho. Good idea here, and good luck getting off jury duty.


short story: a Dragon Knights memorial

He stood on the edge of the cliff, hundreds of bodies littered the floor around him, his ragged green cloak waving in the wind the colors ebbing between a dark forest green one second and a light field green the next, if one was to look at it they would be sure that it had some magic properties to it. Under his cloak he wore his black tunic under his chain mail shirt, old but sturdy travelling boots cased in metal black, riding pants a leather glove on his left hand and a gauntlet running up to his elbow on his right. The inscription on his gauntlet read “rectorian hix Dragonis” translated to new tongue it meant, Slayer of the dawn dragon. The Gauntleted hand held his Lance, the lance stood a good 2 feet taller than the mans 6 feet 2 inches. His sandy brown hair stretched down to his shoulders and he tied his fringe and sides in a topknot, of course he would never tell people he thought it looked good, but always said that it kept his hair out of his eyes in a fight. The earring on his left ear was made from dragon tooth, and the scar on his face was a predominant feature on his face other than his violet eyes.

Now he stood here a criminal. The last of the dragon knights, the emperor of the red sun had sent armies after the dragon knights. What was once the Emperors prestige fighting force was now his biggest enemy, not for something they had done but for what they had seen, they knew the truth of his lies to the people and for that they had to be silenced. Of the entire 15 dragon Knights Dawn slayer was the only one remaining.  As he contemplated his solitude a tear ran down his scarred cheek.

Today hundred of soldiers had needlessly died, some were old friend of his, but they had willingly thrown themselves against a dragon knight, a dragon hunter, in the blind hope that one of them might be lucky enough to land a killing blow.

As the sun began to set Dawn Slayer new that if the people of this nation were to find peace and live a good life, the oppression of the emperor would have to stop, hefting his lance, he jumped high into the air crossing the chasm that separated the cliff he had been standing on and landing safely on the other side.  Today”  he thought. “Today I destroy the empire of the read sun” Was his battle cry as he again took flight with another powerful jump. And rushed headlong into his destiny.

Hey!!! It's not a doll, It's an.... Action figure

Ever since our lecture on identity and culture this week I have not been able to get the, idea of identity out of my head. Funnily enough I saw a good example the other day, as I was working a young boy (couldn’t be older than 3 or 4) was playing with toy soldiers, and as he was playing he began to imitate the sound of gunfire, this is a noise I’m al to familiar with from my days in the backyard playing with the green and brown toy soldiers, the Pew Pew of the guns and the Vroooo of the tanks are all noises still fresh in my mind after any years. As I was contemplating this, the boy’s father walked into the room where he was playing and said “Did you know when I was a little boy like you I also played with toy soldiers.” 

A thought struck me at this point. Little plastic men have transcended 3 generations of people in this house at the moment. This is a key point in the identity that shapes us as young boys, you dream of being a fighting man weather it is a soldier or a knight or some other character that entails violence, and this is what can lead us to form our identity, over the years when I realised that the “pew pew’s and the Vroooo’s” of the battlefield were only glorified images in my head and learned the reality behind these noises, I began to search for a way in which I could conduct battle in my own way as I’m sure many people have and as many people say, one thing all males have in themselves is the desire to be better than he other males. And this desire is what formed my identity pushed me into sports, today when I step onto the soccer field my blood pumps and I prepare for the adrenaline rush or when I’m on the track the person next to me is running as much to beat me as he is for glory.

Anyway, back to my point. Are we really so different, sure everyone has their own uniqueness’s but, in essence aren’t all males still at the core a little boy playing in the backyard trying to decide if green should beat brown today? Especially in todays consumer driven society where there are 4 or 5 key “looks”. Even the people who want to non-conform have a certain look, so that while we all strive to have this identity really in essence we are similar to everyone and while maybe 40 years ago they didn’t have emo’s or metro’s or jock’s they still had 5 year old boys who played in the dirt with toy soldiers.

comment on czaronias
lol funnily enough i saw some random kid struggling to walk yesterday and i asked him if he was ok, something i wouldnt usually do.. sounds mean i know but as you observed society trains our minds to think its not ok to offer a stranger in need help. Good observation all round, its true also sometimes you'll make or recieve a passing comment to or from someone on the bus but its rare and only brought on by some radical incident i.e. like your bus breaking down, your sitting there lock eyes with someone and their liek, "trust the transit system" or something else meaningless of that nature. Also I have a very good friend of mine who i never talked to on the bus before we were friends but i saw her every day on the way to school when i was younger, its crazy when u think about it, how meeting someone outside the confines of the bus turns u into their friend haha :P

good stuff :D


comment for week 5
comment on ashlee_stevens


well done, im impressed by this poem, mine was a jumble of words pretending to be poetry, this reads really well, i like the metaphor of the ocean that continually hammers home the "sea" aspect of the poem. Good stuff keep it up. it's very sombre but in the end what else can it be when the context is finding out someone close ot you has died



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